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Health is our greatest wealth

Lucy Hyland combines her unique knowledge of health and nutrition to offer nutritional advice to individuals and companies through her Food for Living business.

A qualified nutritional therapist and chef based in Cork, Lucy focuses on each client’s needs during her face to face nutritional advice sessions and online nutritionist support. She unravels what is nutritional health for each individual and helps them in building a diet plan to suit their needs.

Looking for a healthy meal plan? Want to build your own healthy nutritional diet or need healthy recipes ideas? Lucy can help.

Are you a food producer or business owner in need of a food consultant? Lucy can create exclusive health messages for your brand and develop health-based recipes and menus for your outlet.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Lucy was not a regimented diet plan, it was about becoming aware of how foods affect our body and being held accountable for what I eat. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who wishes to get healthier through better eating.”
Benjamin, Cork

"URRU was looking for a good communicator with a passion for food and a knowledge of nutrition and who could translate nutritional informational into meaningful, appealing messages for our shoppers. We found the perfect match with Lucy"
Ruth Healy, URRU Culinary Store

Food and Health Education Articles

WOW, I write a lot! As I have put education as the main focus of my business, I write as much as possible on the role of food in our health. I try to encourage people to try new ingredients or to check out my healthy recipes. Nutrition isn’t something for books, its there everyday, in our meals and snacks!

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