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  • Be Confident: Losing Weight Can Taste Great
  • Be Prepared: Never be stuck so you can always make the best choice
  • Take Charge: Boost your health naturally through food
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Take the Best Step Forward: Weight Loss Meal Plans

Over the years, I've heard people ask again and again for the same thing. A weight loss meal plan has been expertly designed so you no longer have to worry that you are doing the right thing.

Not only does the weight loss meal plan give you all the skills you need for life long health management, it also creates meals to satisfy your appetite, and recipes contain whole foods that are packed with nutrients to boost energy levels, support heart health and leave you looking and feeling great.

What you get with Weight Loss Meal Plans:


  • Receive structured 7 day meal plan with breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Create balanced meals with tasty and easy recipes
  • Fill the fridge and pantry with fresh, local, seasonal foods
  • Learn how include whole foods in your diet to promote balanced blood sugar levels

What people say about the Weight Loss Meal Plans:Weight Loss Meal Plans


  • I feel more confident about managing my weight naturally
  • I'm better prepared for meal times and never feel hungry on the plan
  • I'm in charge of my weight as my cravings disappeared


“Lucys' weight loss meal plans teaches you the reality of eating proper food. You have to make time for the whole experience……..the shopping,the chopping, the wash up and of course the cooking. It’s worth all the effort.
The food is delicious,such a wonderful combination of flavours. After a few days of eating properly I felt an inner confidence in myself. At last the focus was on me. My food.My self care. I have so much energy and my cravings for “something sweet” have dissappeared. My fridge is full of proper food and on this plan I’m not hungry at all.Lucy’s weight loss plan is more than that – for me it is a life food plan.” Rita, Cork


Added Bonus

As well as your Weight Loss Meal Plans, you will also receive:weight loss diet plan

• 10 easy-to-follow Top Tips that will help you manage your blood sugar levels for the rest of your life. There are plenty of tips and hints to get the best results along the way.

• A shopping list for the entire week, health and cooking advice.

• Full Conversion Table for weights, fluids and temperatures.

• Easily adaptable to a family setting and a busy lifestyle.

Supplementary Advice:

The ‘Weight Loss Meal Plans’ is designed to provide people with a basic introduction to how choosing healthier foods can help you boost your health naturally. If you are on medication, please do not change your dosage without consulting a healthcare practitioner. If you are on a specific diet or are aware of any intolerance/allergies, please consult your healthcare practitioner before starting on this meal plan.

Its cooling down outside. Time to switch to the Weight Loss Meal Plans for Summer


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