Wellbeing Coach

Stop... Listen... Breath

If you are looking for a nutrition program that is more than 'just food', take a look at my wellbeing coach program called "Back to You". Its about getting back in touch with yourself and reconnecting to that wise body of yours.

nutrition program with wellbeing coach


  • Focusing on the "Why" of your health - what is motivating you to look after yourself better?

  • Putting a "Framework" on change - I'll hold the space, ask the right questions and allow you to create your own pathway

  • Embedding the "How" - Practical solutions, tasty recipes, enjoyable health creation tips... you name it

3 month ‘Back to you’ Nutrition Program: €199 a month for 3 months


Step 1: Click on the "Invest in YOU" payment button above and make your initial payment.

Step 2: Once payment has been made, I'll email you the pre-session questionnaire and we can set up a time and date that suits you.

Step 3: We set the scene in the initial session and lay out the pathway we want to take.

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FREE 15 minute initial consultation

Is this personalised nutrition program right for you? Is it the right time and am I the right wellbeing coach? These are great questions to start asking yourself. I offer all my clients a FREE 15 minute touch base to find out if we are the right match. Please contact me on lucy@spogsracing.com for more.


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