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Health is our greatest wealth

Lucy Hyland combines her unique knowledge of health and nutrition to offer nutritional advice to individuals and companies through her Food for Living business.

A qualified nutritional therapist and chef based in Cork, Lucy focuses on each client’s needs during her face to face nutritional advice sessions and online nutritionist support. She unravels what is nutritional health for each individual and helps them in building a diet plan to suit their needs.

Looking for a healthy meal plan? Want to build your own healthy nutritional diet or need healthy recipes ideas? Lucy can help.

Are you a food producer or business owner in need of a food consultant? Lucy can create exclusive health messages for your brand and develop health-based recipes and menus for your outlet.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Lucy was not a regimented diet plan, it was about becoming aware of how foods affect our body and being held accountable for what I eat. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who wishes to get healthier through better eating.”
Benjamin, Cork

"URRU was looking for a good communicator with a passion for food and a knowledge of nutrition and who could translate nutritional informational into meaningful, appealing messages for our shoppers. We found the perfect match with Lucy"
Ruth Healy, URRU Culinary Store

Nutritionist Advice

The nutritionist for Individuals and the Food Industry


Are you looking for an expert nutritionist or nutritional therapist to show you just how great life can be with good health and good food?


I’m at hand to provide you with nutritional advice


I work with individuals and food businesses to bring health to the front of their lives through food. To find out more click on any of the below:

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Why come and see me?


I often find that the people that come to see me for food advice are a little stuck!

They are looking for a nutritionist or a nutritional therapist to help them on their path to long lasting good health.

They have been eating in a certain way for years and wish to change. They are asking themselves ‘What is a nutritional diet packed with everything I need to promote good health?’ or ‘What is a nutritional diet to help me prevent heart disease?’

They are either not happy with how they are eating at the moment or they have been to their GP who has told them there is an area of their health that needs improving. They need nutritional advice. They also need a nutritionist in line with their own ideas and beliefs around healthy eating.

Through the one on one sessions, I can find out how food can help to alleviate these symptoms or improve a condition. Nutritional advice can help with a range of different health conditions but I tend to specialise in the following (You’ll see above I’ve designed programmes for some of them):

  • Cardio-vascular disease, high cholesterol/blood fats, Blood Pressure Irregularities

    “I thought trying to get my Cholesterol level down by diet alone was impossible but working with Lucy was easy and educational. We managed to reduce it from 6.6 to 5.3 over the course of 6 weeks through loads of tasty and healthy meal and snack options. It was an enjoyable experience and one that will help me for the rest of my life” Chris, Cork

  • Blood sugar disturbances and weight disturbances

    “I first started using Lucy’s services a number of months ago. I had a goal to lose weight, regulate my blood sugars and improve my energy. Being in the health profession myself, and working into the evenings, it is important that I don’t have lows in energy throughout the day. Working with Lucy allowed me to get a better understanding of how certain foods affected my body. She was able to guide me to control and regulate my sugar dips during my working day and to stop all energy drops especially mid afternoon and early evening (my busiest time of day). She is incredibly professional and knowledgeable in her chosen field. Working with Lucy was not a regimented diet plan, it was about becoming aware of how foods affect our body and being held accountable for what I eat. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who wishes to get healthier through better eating.” Benjamin, Cork

  • Low energy and sugar cravings

    “I met Lucy last year and needed advice to get my energy back after a prolonged back injury.
    She was very helpful and tailor made nutritional needs for my lifestyle. Lucy was very personable and would recommend her services.”
    Ruth, Cork

  • Indigestion and Digestive and bowel disorders especially IBS

” I drastically reduced the amount of antacids I take, as a result of following healthier options in my diet, as recommended by Lucy.” Eddie, Cork

  • Inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis, asthma, eczema, dermatitis

“After being diagnosed with Arthritis in my Spine & border line Osteoporosis I decided to pay a visit to Lucy which I am happy to say worked very well. I needed to increase Calcium & protein levels in my diet for the Osteo & help managing pain from the Arthritis.
With Lucy’s help through nutrition & supplements instead of taking conventional pain relief, I now find I am coping so much better & feeling great in myself.” Marie, Cork

  • Meal and menu design

    Lucy’s unique blend of chef and nutritional expertise was just what we were looking for when we wanted to design a weight loss meal plan for our clients. Lucy provided us with a tailor made 14 day plan that has helped our clients continue to loose weight as they attended their Women’s Fitness Gym programme. We felt we were in safe hands using an expert to advise us on the ingredients, meal choices and eating patterns that are needed to sustain weight loss and the meal plans have been an excellent addition to the service offered at the Gym. Noel, Women’s Fitness Gym

My nutritional advice sessions can teach you how to take the control of your eating habits and educates you about how nutrition, food and health are intertwined.