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Lucy Hyland is your healthy eating expert. She works with individuals to create tailored food solutions to improve health. She works with the food sector to design health based recipes and to promote the link between food and health.
Lucy Hyland : Food For Living

Translating your Health Message

The important role of food in health

I work with a range of sectors, allowing them to create clear health messages to their customers or recipients.

Feedback from client:

Urru was looking for a good communicator with a passion for food and a knowledge of nutrition and who could translate nutritional information into meaningful, appealing messages for our shoppers. We found the perfect match with Lucy.

Ruth Healy, URRU, Bandon, Cork

I have worked with schools, professional bodies and a number of food companies, including caterers, food retailers and food producers, enabling them to translate the important role that food plays in health.

I bridge the gap between food and health, showing people how important the food they eat is in their lives. By providing information and education, I assist groups in promoting their products role in improving people’s vitality.

Through the provision of a clear health message, I enable a number of sectors to connect their customer with nutrition concepts and create a picture of good health that people can relate to.

This work covers advice regarding the health promotion of food products, assessing the range of ingredients within food products enabling producers to:

  • Promote the health benefits of your product to the best advantage. As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of the foods they are eating on their health, many food companies are slow to promote these benefits.
  • Write up and develop health statements and health promotional materials for products
  • Develop and design new products that specifically tie in with the growing demand for health based or health promoting food products.

If you are interested in talking to me further about my food and health expertise, please do not hesitate to contact me.