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Healthy Recipes and Meal Plans

Healthy Recipes

Getting the healthy recipes and meal plans you need has never been so easy. And what's even better is that they have put by an expert nutritionist and chef whose love of food makes her healthy recipes taste great so you can feel great!

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Super Weight Loss Diet Plans:

"Lucy's summer diet plan teaches you the reality of eating proper food. You have to make time for the whole experience........the shopping,the chopping, the wash up and of course the cooking. It's worth all the effort.

The food is delicious,such a wonderful combination of flavours. After a few days of eating properly I felt an inner confidence in myself. At last the focus was on me. My food.My self care. I have so much energy and my cravings for "something sweet" have dissappeared. My fridge is full of proper food and on this plan I'm not hungry at all.Lucy's weight loss plan is more than that - for me it is a life food plan." Rita, Cork


"The summer weight loss plan is great because it gives me a snapshot of what a healthy diet should look like, and I use it as a reference. While I don’t follow the plan exactly, I have found certain recipes that I really like and am using them repeatedly. The plan shows me new ways to get my protein intake and gives healthy alternatives for snacking while still allowing some treats." Colleen, Cork

Diabetic Diet Plan

"I really enjoyed following Lucy's Winter Weight Loss Plan. All the ingredients on the shopping list were easy to find and it was great knowing that every time I went to follow a recipe, I had all ingredients in the cupboard. It was wonderful to have the confidence that everything I was eating was healthy and nutritious, but the big added bonus was that it was all so tasty and easy to prepare. There is a special enjoyment to be gotten from working with food that you know is going to taste good and be good for you, something I was not expecting. I learnt lots of new recipes that I know I am going to use again and again. To answer the questions on everyone's mind - No, I wasn't hungry while on the Meal Plan and, Yes, I lost three pounds in the first week."

Miriam, Cork

Cholesterol Lowering Meal Plans:

" I thought trying to get my Cholesterol level down by diet alone was impossible but working with Lucy was easy and educational. We managed to reduce it from 6.6 to 5.3 over the course of 6 weeks through loads of her tasty and healthy meal and snack options. It was an enjoyable experience and one that will help me for the rest of my life." Chris, Cork


I was so thrilled at the change in my body shape just following the cholesterol plan for one week. It was great to know that I had taken charge of my eating habits which have been made so easy for me by my nutritionist Lucy. Helen, Cork

Healthy Eating Plan:

"To have your menu planned for a week with a shopping list, recipes (that often made two meals) and simple instructions both maintained my interest and kept the plan on track. What impressed me was the variety of ingredients and meals - there was no way that I was going to feel hungry and I still lost weight: 4lb in the first week and between 1lb - 2lb a week since then. Very soon you get used to portion sizes, which meant that you can start playing around with the plan itself."

Emma, Douglas

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