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Good Mood Food GuideGood Mood Food


You can create a pattern of eating that supports and enhances your natural desire to feel good. Its about mixing the basics of nutrition with the great tastes and flavours of whole foods. This guide just makes it even easier.

Not only does the Good Mood Food Guide start you on your journey, it also creates meals to satisfy your appetite, and recipes contain whole foods that are packed with nutrients to boost energy levels, support heart health and leave you looking and feeling great.



Main Features of Guide:


  • Receive top 10 health tips to improve your mood through food
  • 10 tasty and easy recipes that create balanced nourishing meals
  • Learn how to improve your mood with whole natural foods

Benefits of Good Mood Food:

  • I feel more confident about managing my weight and energy levels naturally
  • I'm better prepared for meal times and it feels good to know what to do
  • I'm taking charge of my health and am celebrating my kitchen again

“Lucy's Good Mood Food guide is more more than a guide to feeling good. Its about starting on the journey towards better care and love for myself. As I learnt some of the basic principles of how to eat well, I was able to experiment and play with the recipes. Not only did I start feeling better, but my energy and concentration improved.” Karen, Manchester


Added Bonus of Good Mood Food Guide

As well as your guide, you will also receive:

  • Full Conversion Table for weights, fluids and temperatures
  • Herbal tea suggestions for winter and summer
  • Easily adaptable recipes to a family setting or busy lifestyle
  • You'll be placed on my update mailing list, with updates designed to keep you motivated and inspired

Supplementary Advice:

The ‘Good Mood Food Guide’ is designed to provide people with a basic introduction to how choosing healthier foods can help you boost your health naturally. If you are on medication, please do not change your dosage without consulting a healthcare practitioner. If you are on a specific diet or are aware of any intolerance/allergies, please consult your healthcare practitioner before starting on this meal plan.

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