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A Story of a Nutritional Therapist, Artist, Cook and Connector

Nutritional therapist

How do you look after yourself to the best of your abilities? Its a question I've pondered, explored and journeyed with for many years now. Its a question that has taken me though many decades, life experiences and learning curves. And its helped me build "Food for Living' as a way of expressing my deep love and zest for life. So what is your food for living?

This drive to find out what food for life works for me has taken me down some interesting roads. I've explored the world of nutrition to become a nutritional therapist and come out the other side. I've explored the world of exercise and movement and continue to enjoy the vitality it brings. I've continued to push the bounds of my own creativity and explore how best to express my way in this world.

For me, all these aspects have acted as my food, my nourishment, that have allowed me to live life to the fullest. There are times when life has been hard. My story has come from a history of childhood illness and cancers and caring for siblings and parents with health issues. There are times when life has been great, filled with travel, exotic foods and good times.

Yet, irrespective of what is going on with life, I've built myself a foundation, one that underpins my love of life. Good food, delicious and fresh, a deep connection to my body and my love of expressing myself through so many different mediums. And this is the way I work. How can you build your own foundation?

Stress and pressure will come and go, easy times will come and go, but how about creating a foundation that is rock solid, something you can always rely on. Self care, loving this mind and body of yours, as a way of getting through the crazy ride they call life.

I work with my clients to find out what self care means to them, and embed that care so deeply that it becomes part of their day, like the rising sun. I blend my love to food, my love of art and creativity and love of life into my sessions and enjoy every minute.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Marianne Williamson


Some Qualifications:

BA Psychology

NTDip Nutritional Therapist

Ballymaloe Chef's Certificate

Principles of Art Therapy Certificate