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Thursday 20th May

For those who missed my article in WOW yesterday, as part of my ‘Eat Real Food for Summer’ campaign, please find below…. Remember if you need some tips on how to eat healthy - check out my ‘tips on healthy eating’ section.

Remember I’m starting a 2 evening ‘Healthy Eating for Summer’ cooking course in Brennan’s on the 13th and 26th June to help you achieve those healthy eating goals. Details below

Thursday, 13th May

Check out the Network cork business awards - I was there with a whole heaps of great Cork business women - just the inspiration you need!!

Tuesday, 27th April

Here is a photo from last Wednesday’s Feel Good Look Good Kinsale - it was such a great night.
Feel Good Look Good Kinsale 2010
I worked closely with Jola from Jola’s restaurant in designing the canapes for the night. I talked about the principles of healthy eating and presented the food at the same time. I always think that when people actually eat the food and hear the message, it works so well, is the practical side of health that people want. On the night we served:
Grilled chicken marinated in honey and sesame with grilled vegetables - highlighting the importance of lean meat with chicken which has been coated in sesame to add fibre and esssential fatty acids, and grilled vegetables helping people reach their 5 a day.
Smoked salmon with avocado puree on courgette and carrot pancakes - increasing the intake of good quality of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to balance your essential fatty acid ratio on vegetable based pancakes - a totally different way of adding to your 5 a day.
Goats cheese with basil pesto on wholewheat toast - whole grain carbohydrates contain more fibre and nutrients than refined white bread. Goats cheese can be easier to digest for people with cows milk intolerance.
Prawns in garlic and coriander - prawns are a great source of trytophan, a protein that gets converted in the body to serotonin (helping you feel good) and then melotonin (helping you sleep better). The garlic and coriander are great anti-bacterial foods and so perfect if you are coming down with a cold…
What a yummy way of learning….

My coverage in Evening Echo on St Patrick’s Day - it gives you a little bit more information on where Food for Living came from.

Food for Living coverage

My line up at the Mind Body Spirit Show in March 2010

Here is me giving one of presentations on healthy eating