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Courgette scones

September 30, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Courgette and Cheese scones I find courgettes are at their best at the height of summer. They are sweet enough to chop or grate into salads. I also find that they are often on special offer, which means I have a few handfuls of them in my fridge. Courgettes are a great addition to breads, […]

Courgette and Halloumi Salad

September 29, 2023
Posted by Lucy

    This week I’m going to talk about courgettes. We’ve had the sweetest courgettes for the summer and I’ve mostly been eating them raw, grated in a salad or sliced up in a pitta bread. However, as the season comes to an end, I’ve been roasting them up for the top of my Autumn […]

Baked sweet potato with Feta

August 17, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday August 17th I found this today on and thought it sounded yummy! Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to normal potatoes and contain plenty of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are powerful anti-oxidants which help to keep you healthy all year round. 4 Sweet potatoes (150-200g/5-7oz each) 300g (11oz) feta cheese 2 […]

Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Frittata

August 16, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Monday 16th August What a great break - there is nothing like the simple salads and fresh fish of Spain to keep you healthy on holidays!!! Check out my article in the Cork Independent for a quick and easy quick with no pastry!!! It appeared last Thursday but I’m only back from my hols now. […]

Goats cheese and Beetroot salad

July 12, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Monday July 12th I had a friend down for the week with her kids and there was little time for cooking with all the activities going on. It made me realise that summer is just perfect for quick and easy cooking. The most important thing is to have a range of foods in your fridge […]

Home made Pizza

July 7, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Homemade Healthy pizza The great thing about pizza is you can make up whatever you want. You can use rocket, mushrooms, sliced fennel etc. Add your favourite herbs; fresh coriander, parsley, chives or thyme works well, or whatever cheeses you want; feta, goats’ cheese, mozzarella, cheddar etc PrintHome made Pizza Ingredients3 wholemeal pitta breads Homemade […]

Feta and watermelon salad

June 18, 2023
Posted by Lucy

  Its warm and the last thing you feel like doing is putting on the oven and cooking!!! I had this for dinner last night and it was superb - light and refreshing and so quick to make. Use half the watermelon for the salad and the next morning have the other half for breakfast […]

Leek and Tomato Frittata

June 8, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday 8th June I went to lovely family brunch on Sunday morning and I’d forgotten just how much fun brunch is. Brunch really means breakfast and lunch combined, so usually means you can throw anything on the table and people will accept it. One dish that went down particularly well was the frittata and reminded […]


May 24, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Monday 24th May This may have a funny name but it is the most simple of recipes and perfect for a lunch time or afternoon snack. I have half a cucumber left in my fridge after a cooking class last week and wondered what to do with it. Cucumbers are great for healthy eating coming […]