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You can contact Lucy now regarding a one on one nutrition consultation or for more information on her education work on 086 8179964 or
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Food and Health Education Work

The aim of Food for Living is to:

To educate people on the health promoting benefits of food through nutritional advice and practical cooking skills.

In order to achieve this aim, I have set up a Food and Education Programme, to work with a range of organisations and companies to achieve this aim.

I have worked with companies, hotels and restaurants, schools and education bodies and charities to spread the word of food and health - helping people to understand the connection between food and how they feel, how they look and how the think.

This work has mostly involved:

  • Working with primary school aged children in the classroom to help them form the link between food and their health. In addition, I have worked with parents associations to educate parents on the role of food in their child’s health.
  • Advising on menu design and planning with health in mind. This has focused on giving nutritional information on menus and assisting in the development of children’s menus
  • Working with chefs and giving cooking demonstrations on particular areas of health
  • Giving educational and motivational talks to professional bodies and organisations around the translation of health eating for them
  • Advising food manufacturers on how to improve the health benefits of their products.


Hourly consultancy fee @ €140

Half daily rate @ : €490

Full day rate: €980

If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact me on 086 8179964 or