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Cranberry Sauce

December 19, 2023
Posted by Lucy

This is a sugar free cranberry sauce which is very tasty and fits with your Christmas healthy eating plan. The root ginger is a great way of boosting your immune system over Christmas, the orange zest will provide your liver with some added support and the cinnamon will provide you will some lovely antioxidant support. […]

Cranberry Relish

December 8, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Cranberry Cheer Coming up to Christmas can be time of great excess! For some it’s great fun, but for others, there is a worry about gaining weight and controlling appetite. However, Christmas is actually filled with healthy ingredients that can help achieve a balance with all of the other ingredients. Over the next few weeks […]

Rice and Pesto salad

July 14, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Pesto Perfection I initially started thinking about looking at different products on the shelves as a result of the many questions I get asked in my nutrition centre. People have a tendency to bring in packets or jars that they have found and ask me whether they are ‘healthy’ or not. A few weeks ago, […]

Healthy Salad Dressing

June 17, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Salad Dressing I was talking to a girl the other day at my nutrition clinic. She was telling me how much easier it was to stay focused on healthy eating during the summer. She felt that the season was filled with salads and the variety of fruit, making them a more natural choice. Not […]

Home made garam massala

April 8, 2024
Posted by Lucy

Friday 8th April Check out my article in the Cork Independent or read below: Making your own flavourings In many ways, my job is simple. People come and see me each week wanting to improve their health through the foods they are eating. They want to change their current habits and ask me to […]

Boosting your Immune System with Parsley Dip

December 16, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Parsley Dip This is a great time of year for the colour green! Do you notice the fresh herbs are starting to get cheaper and more plentiful in the shops? I even notice the bags are getting bigger. Summer is the perfect time to boost your fresh herbs consumption. Not only are they packed full […]

Olive Tapenade

March 25, 2024
Posted by Lucy

With summer in the air, I notice that I want salad more and more. Yet, don’t forget that dressings are one of the best ways to add new tastes, flavours and goodness to your salad selection. You can use all sorts of ingredients - from fresh herbs to spices, citrus such as lemon or orange […]