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“Back to You” programme special offer

Discount Offer on your own unique Nutrition Program

The "Back to You' Nutrition Program is about stopping, listening to your body and creating the healthy lifestyle that is right for you.

The people who chose this type of nutrition program are searching for same things. They are ready. They want to re-connect with their bodies, tap into their own wisdom, take ownership of their health and design a pathway to towards wellbeing that is unique to them. I'm simply there every step of the way to support, encourage and even challenge a little!

What the Nutrition Program is all about:

Setting the scene: Initial questionnaire: This will cover all the basics of what has brought you to here, including a 3 day food diary showing us where to start.xxxxxx

Going Deeper: 3 Focused Skype sessions. Start each month with an hour long awareness, food and health and image making session, helping to build a connection between you and your health and shining a light on where you need to focus.xxxxxx

Creativity: Image making: Drawing an image of where you are with your health often opens doors of awareness of what is really important to you and how best to move forward. Its about creating a pathway towards health that is unique to you.xxxxxx

Your Weekly Advocate: I'll be there every step of the way. I'll touch base every week so that you can keep the energy moving and keep focused on where you are heading. Support might include short Skype sessions or emails including exercises, tailored recipes/balanced meal suggestions or the information you need to move forward.xxxxxx

What people say about the Nutrition Program:

"I finally got time to focus on myself. I took the time to actually listen to what my body wanted."

"Its great to feel back in control and to have a range of recipes and meals at hand that suit my tastes and lifestyle, designed especially for me."

"I was so tired chasing the latest craze diet in search of health. This programme allowed me come back to myself. I look and feel better since the course - I finally know what is right for me."

"Once I asked myself the right questions, with the help of Lucy, I was amazed at how easily I recognised my patterns and from this place, change was much more straight forward than it had been in the past."



By the end of the 3 months, you will have created a healthy lifestyle that suits you, with a whole new focus on your health and wellbeing.

Special Discount Price! Programme cost €105 a month for 3 months, please click below:

"I can't believe it took me this long to do a course like this!. I've always been interested in the food and health, but despite this, I always seemed to near the bottom of my own list! This course wasn't just about choosing healthier choices, it was about learning to listen to me, my needs and my desires around my own health. Lucy's programme was the perfect place to bring together years of reading and information gathering, but actually start applying it in a way put me firmly back in the centre of my own life." Patricia, Reading

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