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Making good habits

June 14, 2023
Posted by Lucy

making good habits

Making good habits is not as important as keeping them.

Ok.. so I'm not pushing the boundaries of nutritional science with this update. However, I am going to tell you a story. And this particular story challenged me a little recently and I hope it has the same effect on you.

A few weeks I was eating a ruby grapefruit for breakfast. Yes, I know, hardly cutting edge! As I began to eat it a thought struck me, in fact in stuck me quite suddenly.

The thing is, I've always loved grapefruits. The ruby ones rather than the normal ones. And I was thoroughly enjoying this one when I thought. Why on earth haven't I bought a grapefruit lately. It must have been a few years since I bought a grapefruit.

To be honest, I had simply got out of the habit of it. I had moved in with my partner a few years ago and he hates grapefruit, so it simply fell off the weekly shopping list. And as I devoured my first grapefruit in a while I thought to myself: how many thing did I love, really love, eating or doing, that have simply fallen by the wayside for no real reason.

The night before the 'grapefruit realisation' I had been doing one of my nutrition consultations with a client. The whole conversation had been about how she used to do all of these activities in the past; make a smoothie before going to work, go out for a walk when she got home after work, buy protein snack bars for her busy afternoons. And as quickly as she had got her new habit up and running, she had dropped it. For no particular reason.

The question is; Did you stop buying grapefruits for no reason? Well. ok, maybe not. But my guess is there used to be foods you really enjoyed eating, activities you really enjoyed doing or great habits you fostered, that simply feel away for no reason.

And if they fell away for no reason, surely they can be picked up again if they still feel good or if they are still relevant? What's your grapefruit story?

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