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Good for You

May 10, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Good for you

Is it about being good for you or about you being good to you?

There are times when the road of life gets rocky. People get sick, situations escalate, relationships become frayed and tension rises. These are natural cycles in life, and just like times of contentment and joy, we know they will pass. Yet, what I find interesting about these times is how our attitude to self care can change.

A common statement I will hear from clients at times like this “What’s the point?” They say that they don’t see the point in looking after themselves, cooking up a wholesome nourishing meal, taking a walk at lunchtime, speaking kindly to themselves. In fact, what is the point in any of it? What is the point in being ‘good’ to ourselves when life is still going throw us these curve balls, relationships are still going to be hard, life is still going to be too stressful and exhausting.

Well, it’s a great question. It’s the perfect question to ask yourself? What exactly are you motivated by? If we feel that we need to be ‘good’, then what is it that we expect in return? Is it that we expect that life will treat us kindly? Is it that we wont ever get sick? Is it that we feel unexpected things wont happen and take the world from under our feet?

Unfortunately, we cannot count on any of that. We cannot expect that life will be good to us, because we are behaving ‘well’. And if this is your motivation for eating what you decide to be ‘healthy’ and judging and banning those foods you decide to be ‘unhealthy’, then its very easy to let all that go when life gets tough.

I have had to ask myself the same question over the last few weeks, as life has spun a little out of control. I’ve had to go back and question my motivation for doing things, because when life gets hectic, I find it helpful to have some sort of prioritising system.

So at times like this, I choose to cook as much as possible, create tasty wholesome meals and eat vibrant colourful foods simply because it makes me feel better. It’s my way of looking after myself when I’m being harsh on myself and life is being harsh on me.

So how about some gentle questioning this week? What is your motivation? Are you trying to be good and get something in return? Or are you simply looking after yourself the best way you can?

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