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Food Consultant

Food consultant

Do you need to bridge the gap between your product and your customer?

As a food consultant, I blend over 15 years of strategic planning,community development and nutritionist and chef's qualifications to provide a range of nutrition services to the food sector, health organisations and companies. I have worked with a range of companies to bring the message of health to the forefront. My media work as a food consultant allows for an effective communications strategy of the key marketing messages.

Food consultant

  • Nutrition consultant for effective promotion of products’ health benefits. Despite consumers becoming increasingly aware of the impact the foods they eat are having on their health, many food companies are slow to promote these benefits fully. I help to develop connections between the ingredients and recipes of a food company and their customer’s health needs and desires.
  • Food consultant to establish health benefits and health-promoting materials for products. This involves input into labeling and packaging design, as well as general marketing and website information.
  • Nutritionist to develop and design of new products that are specifically tied in to the growing demand for health-based or health-promoting food products.
  • I can suggest alternations to recipes to enhance the health benefits of a product, tailor the taste of products to suit a range of taste needs and combine different ingredients to make them beneficial for certain health needs.
  • Assess or create of menus and recipes that target the health concerns of customers of food producer or retailer’s. I also create recipes that allow products to be placed with balanced and health promoting meal or use health promoting combinations.

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Work with Clients

I have worked with companies such Urru Bandon, College Dinners and Newgrange Oil on their product development, marketing and promotional work.

Newgrange Gold (

"Lucy has been very professional and helpful in helping us get our message across about the health benefits of our oils and we will certainly be looking to use her professional services again in the future". Jack Rogers, Newgrange Gold

Below is the 'Nutrition Club' that involved a 4 week programme with a group of Newgrange Gold customers, educating and informing them on the use and health benefits of plant oils:

Below is one of the appearances on Nationwide as the Newgrange Gold Nutritionist:


College dinners (

Other examples:

Lucy Hyland has worked with the Blue Haven Collection in working with our team to create healthy options and suggestions and done excellent consultancy work. She clearly knows the food sector very well and does work with food producers in creating new products, focusing on healthy eating and also helps design marketing materials and educational material.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy who is a top class food and health consultant. Lucy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of food and well being.

Ciaran Fitzgerald The Blue Haven Collection

"URRU was looking for a good communicator with a passion for food and a knowledge of nutrition and who could translate nutritional informational into meaningful, appealing messages for our shoppers. We found the perfect match with Lucy."

Ruth Healy, URRU, Bandon, Cork

"Lucy's unique blend of chef and nutritional expertise was just what we were looking for when we wanted to design a Weight Loss meal plan for our clients. Lucy provided us with a tailor made 14-day plan that has helped our clients continue to lose weight as they attend their Women's Fitness Gym programme. We felt we were in safe hands using an expert to advise us on the ingredients, meal choices and eating patterns that are needed to sustain weight loss, and the meal plans have been an excellent addition to the services offered at the Gym."

Noel Smith, Women's Fitness Gym, Cork

"Many thanks for your very informative talk last night in Summercove School. Your advice was a breath of fresh air and it was great to hear someone that is passionate about real food and understands its affect on our health." Carol, Cork
The Scoil Nioclais Parents' Association would like to thank Lucy for the very successful educational talks she did with both the parents and sixth class pupils of Scoil Nioclais. Lucy has a lovely way of clearly communicating the value of good health and nutrition. She demonstrated the importance of cutting out unnecessary sugars from our diets and the benefits for all in keeping blood sugars level throughout the day. Lucy was very well received by parents and pupils alike, who enjoyed her entertaining and educational approach in giving us all life skills in healthy eating. She gave practical advice on how to eat healthier including how to read nutritional labels to help us all make better food choices - in particular with breakfast cereals and lunch box fillers! Her approach is very entertaining yet educational, those who attended commented that they could have listened to Lucy All-day! - thanks again Lucy for a job very well done and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Catherine Squires SNPA Scoil Nioclais -Frankfield, Cork

Feedback from 'Cooking with your kids' health in mind' at the Blue Haven

"Excellent, really good & very informative."

"Very good, very enjoyable. Interesting & learnt a lot."

"Good & great enthusiasm. Generous with people, food & time."

"Very good presenters & great interaction with the floor."

"Excellent - Very Interactive."

'Easy, relaxed style."

"Good fun & informative."

"Excellent, team presented very well together."

Feedback from my talk for Network Cork on 'Getting fit for Business'

"I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation given by Lucy, at the March Network meeting. I found her to be enthusiastic, with an admirable love for her job. Her presentation skills are second to none - encouraging audience participation made her talk all the more dynamic. Bravo Lucy." Natasha, Cork

Some feedback from my November events on healthy eating

Here are some of the comments from my November events. People are so receptive to the concept of healthy eating and it appears all they want are the tools - I provide plenty in my cookery courses and talks

"I really enjoyed your vibrant and informative talk last night and I'll check out your website too." Claire, Dublin

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for such an informative (but not too tough to follow) and passionate talk last night.It was one of the best food presentations I've ever seen, and made the whole idea of eating healthy such a natural choice." Creona, Dublin

"I really enjoy your lecture, have eaten both quinoa and barely since." Annabel, Kildare

Some feedback from my healthy eating cooking demos based in the home.

"I think it’s a great thing for families to do together. Since the demo Mum has been over to my house and we have been food shopping together discussing the whole concept of healthy eating etc." Julia, Cork

"I am very pleased with what I learned and have gained the confidence I didn't have before the course to cook and try out recipes." Louise, Cork

"I spent most weekends cooking some of the dishes learned at the demonstration. I also used them for lunch at work during the week. I now get more energy and feel better from my foods."

"I learned about foods I've never heard of before and how to cook them. The dishes presented were good for lunches, dinners, breakfast and snacks to the range was varied and very useful." Brian, Cork

"I benefited particularly in terms of meal organisation, shopping, also with confidence using herbs and spices. I find I'm eating a lot less cheese, red meat and spuds that before. I've learnt new habits and found a new love for cooking family meals..... Best thing I did for ages... I'd say it was 'life changing'." Ruth, Cork

Brennan's group cookery classes

Feedback from Brennan's 'Lose Weight for Summer' cooking classes May 2010

"Thanks.. thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile... I love your website."

"It was great to taste the dishes.. A great incentive to try them at home."

"There was variety of food introduced that I would never have previously tried."

I've just received some great feedback from my latest healthy eating cookery course at Brennan's in June 2010 - have a look at some of the comments below.

"This has made me rethink how I cook and eat - I loved it all."

"Now I realise I really have to make a better effort and have a more varied tasty diet."

"I enjoyed the whole demonstration and looked forward very much to the second night."

"Its great to see how healthy eating can be achieved so easily and with such great variety."

"It was great to see recipes that I wouldn't normally use but will now certainly use and play around with and be more confident using."

Feedback from Seminars/Talks

"We would like to thank you for your excellent presentation. The feedback was very positive and we would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to present to the Munster CPA." Cormac Fitzgerald, Munster CPA Society

"I first met Lucy at a NEW networking event earlier this year. I was impressed by her warmth and friendliness. I am now an avid follower of her weekly Food for Living articles in the Cork Independent. Her approach is always positive and upbeat and the recipes and healthy eating tips are practical and user friendly." Fiona, Cork

Writing and Expert Advice

"Lucy's knowledge of her subject is unparalleled, but unlike many 'expert' writers she is adept at keeping it simple and available to the reader. She manages to combine her knowledge of nutrition with that staple of local newspapers, the recipe column, with great success, and she has a very loyal following among our readers. In our recent survey she was found to be our second most popular columnist." Deirdre, Editor, Cork Independent

"Lucy recently put together tips for our brides in the lead up to their big day. They were excellent, to the point and easy for the brides to take on board. Our brides were delighted with the information." Helen, Celtic Ross Hotel

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