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Challenge your limiting beliefs

June 28, 2023
Posted by Lucy

challenge your limiting beliefs

Its always good to challenge those limiting beliefs every now and then!

I'm always delighted with how much I learn from my clients.

Their lives, their stories, their experiences.

I think its because the more time I spend in the world of health, the more I realise just how messy it is.

Yes, there is the black and white, there is the science and there is the psychology. Yes, there are the enhancements in our knowledge and the greater understanding of our bodies and how they interact with the foods we eat.

But in between all of this, all the stats, all the research and all the knowledge, is us.

And its within us, the you and the me, that life really takes place. Our individual experiences and our individual preferences make the journey of life. We make different choices and take different pathways.

We lose our path, we find our path. We go off the rails and we lose our centres. And then we gradually find our way back. We create our new selves or we simply rediscover that we are fine the way we are.

It is somewhere in between all of this that individual health takes place. Its about working through the muddy patches, challenging the beliefs and asking the right questions. Because, its your health and your body, and no expert in the world can know it better that you.

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