Nutritionist Lucy Hyland

Take a step back

March 22, 2024
Posted by Lucy

Take a step backIts the perfect time to take a step back from life

Its very easy to let time slip by. And for some things, time is meant to slip by. There are things that come and go out of our lives: dramas, scenarios and occasions that simply move through our days. Yet there are other things, those that niggle at you, that you keep coming back to, that you know you need to address.

There is nothing more difficult than working with someone who is not ready. Its always so obvious in the way they speak - I should, I need to, I was told.... Suggestions that come from the outside world. Comments that make us feel that we need to act and do. And there is something so much easier than working with someone where the penny has dropped and they know its time to address things.

So, at this time of year, a natural break in the routine happens. It can be the perfect time to stop, touch base with yourself and step aside from the ebbs and flow of your life.

These times allow us to see the smoke screens for what they are, the things that are simply moving through us. It also allows us to appreciate the things that just keep coming back to us that we need to deal with.

So use this Easter break as an opportunity to do just that. Are there things you are ignoring that need to be acted on? And are there things that you can let go of so you can free up some of that mental space?

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