Nutritionist Lucy Hyland

Body Awareness and Food

February 23, 2024
Posted by Lucy

Sometimes the work I do with clients is not necessarily around finding how food is part of the problem, but rather that food body awarenessisn't the problem that people thought it was.

Recently, in one of my nutrition programme sessions, my client realised that she had blamed food for many years for her pain and discomfort and had spent much of her time focusing on eliminating and removing a range of foods for her diet.

As a nutritional therapist, cook and lover of good food, I can't help believe that food acts as a core foundation to a living life and providing us with the vitality and zest that we want. Where our food comes from, how it is treated and processed, how it is cooked and presented, all add up to both our health and the health of our environment.

However, the world of food and health has become a huge industry, a machine that churns out all sorts or problems, and all sorts of solutions to go with it. And these problems, and solutions, might be just what we need in order to find some sort of peace in our own health.

Yet, what I have found in working with clients over the years is that there is so much noise, so many professing they have the answer, that people are pulled further and further away from their own centres. When I say 'centre' I mean their own natural intuition about what suits them and what doesn't.

As my client reflected on her relationship with food over the years, she realised that she had tried to control and manage her food intake as away of controlling her life and relationships with others. Not having the strength or understanding to manage these difficult areas of her life, she turned instead to something she could control... the foods she ate.

I find the work I do with clients tends to revolve around helping them find their own centres. As we find these, we begin to unravel what truly nourishes us, makes us feel good and helps us understand why we feel the way we feel. The onus on food being the problem or solution may lessen as start to put things in their right place.

Pay attention today and starting thinking about how you can come back to yourself.

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