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Lucy media work and health news covers a wide variety of areas. She is involved in range of media work that allows her to share her love of food with the latest nutrition and health news. She has been involved in:

Ongoing TV and radio appearances providing nutritional input and expertise

Involvement in promotional videos for food companies and organisations

Social media

Article writing as a nutritional therapist for local and national press in Ireland

Find a list of those below.


Great talking to the Health Zone in UCC about health, food and living life to the max!

Scroll to and the conversation starts 32:06

The Health Zone Radio show


health news with Special Olympics


Did a fabulous talk for Special Olympics Ireland with one of their athletes and the participants of the fundraising event for Cork Mini Marathon. Got a great response from participants when I started probing deeper into how to create more lasting sustainable changes in their health.

"I asked Lucy to deliver a talk on heath and nutrition as part of a fundraising programme for Special Olympics. She delivered an insightful and engaging interactive discussion that captivated the minds of the participants while also giving practical information on how to choose healthier eating and lifestyle habits. I would recommend Lucy 110% and hope to work with her again in the future."

Lynda Foley, Special Olympics, Regional Fundraising Coordinator, Munster

Health News Writing

'Writer in Residence'

Blog Writing for Irish Executives Network

Getting the Balance Right

Taking back Control

Starting the Year on Track

Ongoing TV, radio/audio and promotional video appearances

Nutritional expertise on 'The Last Word' with Matt Cooper, Ivan Perry and Melanie Nocher on childhood obesity.

The conversation starts at 35:32.


Lucy's delighted to work with food companies on bringing health into the centre of a products marketing strategy.

She has worked with companies such Urru Bandon, College Dinners and Newgrange Oil on their marketing and promotional work.

Newgrange Gold (

Below is one of the appearances on Nationwide as the Newgrange Gold Nutritionist

Newgrange Gold Nutrition Club

I had so much fun with Deirdre, Diane and Catherine doing this 4 week 'Healthy Eating with Oils' programme with Newgrange Gold. I find that cooking and using plant oils for health is one topic that confuses many people.

However, working with the Newgrange Gold Rapeseed and Camelina oils, we came up with the 'Nutrition Club' idea and over the 4 weeks we learnt and shared how to use, store, shop and cook with oils so that the health benefits could be maintained.

I was impressed that the health benefits of the oils, such as reducing digestive disturbances, managing cholesterol levels and improving family health, could be experienced within such a short time.

College dinners (

health news






Lucy is a contributor on the the RTE Today Show, giving advise on how to practically implement a healthy eating lifestyle.

health news

Lucy also gives ongoing expert nutrition advice as response to news stories on Spin South West

health news








Healthy News through Social Media

Lucy also enjoying translating the message of health through social media and has thousands of Fans and following across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linked In.



Linked In:


International Food consulting


health news

Worked with dieticians in several Sudanese hospitals.

Worked with International School in Khartoum giving talks to parents and school kids.

health news

Article writing for local and national press

Cork Independent summer series:

Mardyke Newsletter:


Evening Echo article on how to keep healthy for the whole year. click double click on it to read fully.

Very excited about the monthly food and health education piece I'm doing for The Opinion in Bandon over the next 4 months - Read below to get a flavour of what is to come!


Audio Interviews

Check out my interview with Paul O Mahony of Marketing Write Now It takes a few minutes to load but just press play and off you go

Local Events:

Look Good Feel Good Kinsale

Feel Good Look Good Kinsale 2010
I worked closely with Jola from Jola's restaurant in designing the canapes for the night. I talked about the principles of healthy eating and presented the food at the same time. I always think that when people actually eat the food and hear the message, it works so well - it's the practical side of health that people want.
On the night we served:
Grilled chicken marinated in honey and sesame with grilled vegetables - highlighting the importance of lean meat with chicken which has been coated in sesame to add fibre and esssential fatty acids, and grilled vegetables helping people reach their 5 a day.
Smoked salmon with avocado puree on courgette and carrot pancakes - increasing the intake of good quality of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to balance your essential fatty acid ratio on vegetable based pancakes - a totally different way of adding to your 5 a day.
Goats cheese with basil pesto on wholewheat toast - whole grain carbohydrates contain more fibre and nutrients than refined white bread. Goats cheese can be easier to digest for people with cows milk intolerance.
Prawns in garlic and coriander - prawns are a great source of trytophan, a protein that gets converted in the body to serotonin (helping you feel good) and then melotonin (helping you sleep better). The garlic and coriander are great anti-bacterial foods and so perfect if you are coming down with a cold...
What a yummy way of learning....

My coverage in Evening Echo on St Patrick's Day - it gives you a little bit more information on where Food for Living came from.

Food for Living coverage

Presentation on healthy eating ( Mind Body Spirit Show in March 2010)

health news







Article in the Irish Independent on keeping healthy at Christmas:

Positive Life:

Work with other chefs:

Work with Jim Fisher of Cook in France around how to eat well while undergoing chemo. Check out:


Blogs for

Article for Cork Independent:

I wrote for the Cork Independent for 2 years - great fun and loads of lovely recipe ideas:

Health Eating and Cholesterol with an Oriental Salmon dish:

Healthy Eating and Boosting your Immune system with a Carrot and Ginger Soup:

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss:

A spicy lentil soup assisting with weight loss:

Weight loss with a warm roasted root salad:

On information about going gluten free with a smashing gluten free apple pancakes

How to manage allergies with diet with a healthy Salmon and Mexican Salsa:

The link between diet and cancer with a Asian Broccoli Salad

My article in this week's Cork Independent shows that sometimes healthy eating just involves a twist on some of your favourite meals. Check out my version of an Irish Stew

Food and Dealing with Eczema with a perfect Butternut Squash Soup

Getting on the Wild side of healthy eating with garlic..

Healthy Eating made easy with my Energy Bar as a snack

Another great healthy eating snack - Chilli Hummus

A great healthy eating summer salad - Bulghur Wheat and Spinach salad

Moroccan Chicken

Eat Real Food this Summer campaign

Simple homemade tomato sauce

Article in WOW, Wednesday 20th May a range of tasty recipes:

Simple homemade salad

How to include red meat in your healthy eating plan with Lamb Tandorri

How to make root vegetable crisps as a snack

Making your own pizzas

Homemade muffins using stewed fruit as a sweetener

Healthy Eating with making your own Dips

Making your own smoothies

Healthy Eating with Eggs

Your own home made chicken nuggets

Making your own health based home made muesli

Understanding the benefits of good fats with guacamole

Making a simple healthy curry

Stewing your own fruit without using sugar

The health benefits of cinnamon

Check out my article on eating on the run with courgette scones

Tasty bean burger that is meat free

Balance your important fats for the day

My favourite fish recipe with baked fish in spicy tomato sauce -spicy with spices rather than hot!

Dealing with Picky Eaters and homemade sneaky spaghetti sauce

The importance of Protein with Sweet potato and butter bean soup

Boosting your Immune System with Parsley Dip

Looking after your liver with tasty Kale

My Top 10 Healthy Eating tips for 2011 with Split Pea Pate

Asian Broccoli Soup for some tasty Asian goodness

A lovely winter warmer soup with Carrot and Beetroot

My homemade brown scones - a great alternative to white

Choosing the right grains with Red Kidney Bean and Brown Rice salad

The health benefits of pear with stewed pear

The health benefits of broccoli with a Broccoli and Leek Omelette

How to change a habit of a lifetime with smoked salmon salad

Try something a little different for sweet with my banana bread

My favourite hake recipe

Try my butternut squash and leek soup

Check out my gluten free quinoa porridge

If you are looking for a someone to write your health news, please contact me on

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