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Stuck in a rut with health

April 12, 2024
Posted by Lucy

Stuck in a rut with your health

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your health?

I'm always interested how 'themes' begin to appear in my work. By themes, I mean that I will have client after client with a similar issue or difficulty to overcome. I'm not sure where these themes come from: from me, from the seasons, from the conversations around the kettle or from the news or media messages in any given week.

But as we move forward into 2015, there is a general feeling of being just a little stuck. The ideas, plans, notions that we started the new year with seem to be a little slow in taking off and nobody knows why.

We often find ourselves in places that we didn't quite expect. Feelings creep up on us, promises fall behind or life takes a different turn and has you in a spin.

So if you are feeling this way, or there is something in your life not quiet moving, fret not. Feeling stuck is a perfectly natural place, and for many, is part of the process of change and evolution.

Firstly, acknowledge where you are at, fighting the feeling just doesn't help. Try saying it out loud, or writing it down in a journal, for here is where you are.

Next, perhaps (kindly) ponder on why you are where you are. Our first reaction is to point to the outside world, blame, or throw up our hands with a feeling of lack of control. All these reasons might be correct, but they are the way they are. The question is how you can move and twist around them.

Feeling stuck is often a symptom, a sign that something, somewhere is not quite right, or simply no longer serving you. Is there a behaviour or habit that you need to change, and that you need to start taking responsibility for? Is there something you need to change that you are avoiding?

Its always good to remember that life is constantly in motion. It is impossible for life on this planet to stay still. We are always evolving, life is always happening. The cells in our bodies and the thoughts in our head are constantly born and eventually die off, to be replaced by more.

And lastly (this may sound funny), there is a natural order to life. Learning to stop, just for a moment, and trust that there is a bigger picture. Our stories are part of that larger story, and this often helps us put some perspective on how we are feeling.

So things will change, the feeling will dissipate and the turn for the corner will come sooner than you think.

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