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Eating Out

June 15, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday June 15th

I found this on and found it really useful....

If you're trying to manage your calorie intake, eating out can be extremely challenging. Researchers recently surveyed people to find out which aspects of eating in restaurants they found most difficult when trying to watch their weight. They also asked what strategies they use to manage calorie intake at restaurants.

Lots of folks reported that over-sized portions were a problem--as was the fact that they find restaurant food to be tastier than what they might make at home. People also reported a variety of coping mechanisms, such as substituting appetizers for entrees, splitting an entree with another diner, or asking to have a portion of the meal wrapped to go.

But the thing that seemed to pose the biggest challenge for the most people? Being overly hungry when they get to the restaurant. When the needle on the gas tank is below empty, it's a lot easier to over-order (and over-eat).

It might seem counter-intuitive to eat before going out to eat. But some raw vegetables or a small handful of nuts on your way out the door might take just enough of the edge off to allow a saner head to prevail when it's time to order.

Here's an alternative strategy that works well for me: If I'm very hungry, I'll order a salad or soup--but delay ordering my entree until after I've eaten my first course. Usually, once I've had a bit to eat, I find that the lighter menu options are far more appealing.

Try these when you are eating out over the summer...

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