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Healthy Eating tips and cooking tips with Grains

December 7, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating tips and cooking tips with Grains

Example of whole grains:

  • Quinoa – high protein grain with manganese and magnesium
  • Amaranth – contains good source protein and calcium, magnesium, fibre and Vitamin C.
  • Brown rice – short grain (chewy, nutty) and long grain (light and flurry) as well brown basmati – Contains more fibre than white and contains protein, B vitamins, calcium and iron and some zinc
  • Buckwheat – strong grain, gluten free - contains rutin a bioflavonoid for circulation.
  • Barley – hulled contains husks and more nutrition that pearl
  • Millet – alkaline in the body, good source of fibre

How to cook for healthy eating:

Wash well and add to pan, cover with double amount water and cook for 20-40 mins.


Put 1 small carrot, 1 small onion and a pinch of salt to cook with.

Add turmeric, Kombu, cumin, bay leaf, lemon/lime juice or soy sauce

Cook in coconut milk or home made stock

Once cooked, stir well and to serve add 1 dessertspoon of chopped parsley and 1 of mint.

Can soak all grains before cooking. Store grains in sealed container in cool dark place.

Other grains:

  • Couscous – use wholemeal – you can make as base for tarts and in desserts.
  • Bulgur wheat (boiled, dried and cracked) – good source of manganese and fibre

Wash well, put in bowl, cover with 2 parts boiling water, leave for 15 mins

Can soak all grains beforehand

  • Noodles


Soba (wholemeal and buckwheat mix)


Udon (wholemeal and brown rice).

Add to boiling water for 10-12 mins

  • Pasta

Use 100% wholemeal. Try to cook al dente so slows absorption into system.

  • Whole oats

Shown to ower cholesterol and good for heart health and phosphorus with children's brain health.

Can soak overnight in water or soya/rice/oat milk

Eat raw or cook, make granola or porridge

Add fresh fruit- different everyday

Sprinkle nuts/seeds or natural yogurt

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