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4 Week Weight Loss Plan Focus towards Health

June 28, 2023
Posted by Lucy

4 Week Weight Loss Plan

Over the next four weeks I'm going to concentrate on the a 4 week weight loss plan giving you the main tips I find work best in my nutrition programmes.

It will be a 4 week Weight Loss Plan! These tips are taken from my Weight Loss Meal Plans. This is a 7 day weight loss programme packed full of recipes, health facts and cooking tips to assist you lose weight.

1. Healthy Eating Plate for your 4 week weight loss.

I use this plate in my nutrition clinic and find it works very well. It was designed by Harvard School of Public Health and it is highly practical as it deals with health on a plate, rather then in a pyramid - who eats off a pyramid!!

The principle of healthy eating and weight loss involves a balance within each meal you have. I get people to use this plate to design recipes and meals, along with healthy snacks, to assist them in loosing weight.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself and I'll be expanding over the next few weeks are:

Are you choosing whole grains such as brown rice, brown bread or wholegrain pasta with each meal?

Are you choosing fibre rich protein such as nuts and seeds and beans and lentils or lean protein such as chicken or fish with each meal?

Are you choosing a large portion of fresh fruits or vegetables?

Are you having enough health promoting fat that will help you shift weight stores rather than store them?

And are you eating these in the correct portion on your plate? Print off and bring this home and use it as a guide.


Summer is the perfect time to start to practise a healthy eating plan due to the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and focus on light meals.

I often find that clients who change habits in the summer can often follow these through to winter.

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