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Asking healthy questions

June 17, 2023
Posted by Lucy

I love seeing the penny drop for people. asking healthy questions

The interesting thing about my work is that I can only give people the penny. I do this by providing them with the space and right questions to guide their thinking, alongside the education and practical tips they need.

But how a person puts together the story of their own health, how they connect their behaviours and actions, and how they want to change, is completely up to them. They are the only ones, with support of others, who can can create their pathway to health.

When I recently saw the penny finally drop for a client, it was lovely to see that she could see the link between the way she was eating and the way she was thinking. She could directly attribute how she felt, her mood on a given day, by how well she was looking after her eating habits.

'I'm a clever women' she said surprised 'Well read and educated, but I have never before connected the fact that my mood and how I eat are directly connected'.

What was important about this session was that she had connected her own dots and therefore found a reason to change that was highly personal and would motivate her to move forward in a different direction.

You may read of others successes and you may learn from others examples and these might serve you well. However, I find lasting lifelong change comes from a deeper, more personal desire to feel the best that you can feel.

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