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Broccoli and Leek Omelette recipe

February 24, 2024
Posted by Lucy

The Beauty of Broccoli

Fruits and vegetables are amazing foods. The more we learn about them, the more we realise that they bring with them all sorts of health benefits. Not only do they contain vitamin and minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients (powerful anti-oxidants) but they also contain different types of fibre that help to keep the digestive system so healthy.
As a result of their benefits, most Government recommendation state that people should consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day, although some research is pointing towards 7 to 9 a day. Most people who visit me in my nutrition clinic rarely manage 5 a day, they are more likely to consume 2 or 3. Snacking on fruits and vegetables can help you to increase your daily intake.
One kind of vegetables that are receiving a lot of attention are green leafy vegetables. Broccoli is one of the most popular of these. Broccoli has been shown to lower cholesterol levels due to its high fibre content – interestingly the fibre is maintained better is the broccoli is steamed. Broccoli has a strong, powerful impact on our body’s detoxification processes and assists the liver is doing its job. This detoxing helps the body to process toxins much better, assisting with cancer prevention.
It addition, broccoli is a good source of both Vitamin A and Vitamin K, both assisting the body in its metabolism of Vitamin D. The better able we utilise our Vitamin D, the stronger our immune system becomes. Broccoli also contains a unique flavonoid that reduces the level of inflammation in the diet... phew!

Broccoli and Leek Omelette – Serves 2
I had this for breakfast on Sunday morning – why not try veggies for breakfast at the weekends!
2 leeks – finely sliced
Half a head of broccoli
4 eggs
60 ml of milk (or soya/rice/oat milk)
Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper
1 tbsp of grated Parmesan
1 tbsp freshly chopped parsley
Saute the leeks in a frying pan over a medium heat for 5-10 mins in a little water.
Crack the eggs into a small bowl, whisk with a fork and add the milk, seasoning and parsley. Set aside.
Add the broccoli to the leeks and stir well for around 5 minutes.
Add the egg mixture and sprinkle the Parmesan on top.
Cook for a few minutes and then place under a hot grill to brown off.

Wheat free, gluten free, sugar free


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