Nutritionist Lucy Hyland

Feeding yourself

May 13, 2023
Posted by Lucy

May has traditionally been called 'the hungry month'. The seeds planted in early spring have not quite started producing crops, and the stored winter feeding yourselfvegetables are running out.

However, with climates and farming practises changing, you'll probably feel far from hungry in May. The first of the Irish summer berries are making their way into our breakfast bowls. The first of the summer vegetables, aubergines are in season and early Irish tomatoes, courgettes and peppers are creeping their way onto our dinner plates.

I often notice my food habits start to change around May. When the sun is out, I opt for more salads and fresh fruit, when the clouds are covering up the sun, I am reaching for stewed fruits, soups and roast vegetables.

Your body has a natural ebb and flow - it craves certain foods at certain times. Interestingly, nature often responds to this by producing foods that relate to these.

What is your body calling for this week? Perhaps taking some time out to listen before making your breakfast or shopping for your dinner might result in more satisfaction and enjoyment.

Summer is a great time to start listen... what do you hear?

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