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May 11, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Monday May 10th

One of the most important ingredient for losing weight is switching from refined carbohydrate such as white rice, white pasta and white bread to complex or whole grain carbohydrate such as good quality brown bread, brown rice and wholemeal pasta.

The outer husk of the grain which is removed when brown rice is refined to white rice contains almost all of the fiber (essential for keeping you satisfied and feeling full) and most of the nutrients (especially the B vitamins which convert the rice to energy in the body)... so keep it all on and switch to whole grain!

This is just one of the areas I'll be covering in my course:

Lose weight for Summer

Food for Living has designed a 2 week cookery programme to change your eating habits forever.

After the excesses of Winter, it’s time to learn how to prepare delicious meals that both taste great and help the body to lose weight. This 2 week programme will allow you to watch the preparation and sample the taste of simple dishes that will teach you about the basic principle of weight management and how to prepare meals with your waistline in mind.

Date: Thursday May 20th and May 27th

Where:Brennan’s Cookshop, Oliver Plunket Street

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