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Bursting with Health for 2014

January 30, 2024
Posted by Lucy


Well, its that January time of year, a promise of new start and a whole heaps of expectations for 2014.I've been slow to make any great plans or goals for this year, but instead have taken a more gentler approach to my health and wellbeing. I've thought about how my attitude towards food and health evolved last year and how I want this to help create a theme in the work of Food for Living this year.Existing in the world of nutrition can be a funny old place. We are always coming up with new research and new ways of thinking about the role of nutrition within health. Yet, despite all this, the basic principles of healthy eating remain the same as it did in our grandparents age!Its like we all want the magic bullet, we all want the super pill that will guarantee a long and healthy life, but we see, again and again, that its just not that simple. Good health is about not about 'diets' or 'quick fixes' and not even about guarantees, but about nourishing yourself on a daily basis with nutrient rich whole foods as much as possible. Creating balanced meals that we can eat in a sustainable way.So this year isn't about the next quick fix, or spending the time damning one ingredient against another. This year we will see more and more in the media about the excessive amounts of sugar we are eating, a way of eating that came about as a result of the hype created by the low-fat industry for the last few decades.

Although I may discuss different nutrients and good groups and how they relate our health, I will continually try to come back to creating a balanced way of eating throughout the year. For me, health is becoming more about my relationship to myself and my relationship to my body, and nutrition provides an excellent foundation to allow me live as full a life as possible.

For that reason, I'll go back, again and again, to the Harvard School of Nutrition 'Healthy Eating Plate', which I bring to every talk I do, and talk about with every client I meet (see below and print off to have around the house).

This talks about the importance of balanced meals throughout the day to sustain good health. Its a good place for anyone to start (and to continue!) in 2014.

So, for the rest of the year, through my updates, recipes and tips, I'll come back to the notion of balance, time and time again.

Happy cooking


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