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Sugar levels in cereals

January 31, 2024
Posted by Lucy

Monday 31st January

I found this on a recent article on-line. It shows just how much sugar is in cereals, especially children’s cereal. In my nutrition clinic, I work with parents to look at healthier alternatives to shop bought high sugar cereals:

Is cereal the healthiest way to start the day?

With many breakfast cereals packaged as health foods - perfect for weight loss and growing kids alike - it is not surprising that many of us view them in this way. However, this image is surprisingly inaccurate, as sugar levels in packaged cereals are often extremely high, even in the most "healthy" sounding brands. A recent study by Which? found that only one of the 100 leading brands of cereals they tested had healthy levels of fat, sugar and salt, while 22 of the cereals aimed at children contained more sugar per serving than a jam doughnut.

While it is true that many of these cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, these nutrients are better taken in their natural form if possible, so stocking up on foods naturally abundant in vitamins and minerals and low in sugar - such as oats, sugar free muesli, wholegrain bread or eggs -would be a healthier, more nutritious breakfast choice.

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2 thoughts on “Sugar levels in cereals

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  • Hey,

    I think that answer very much depends on the quality of the cereals. Most commercial cereals are made from highly refined carbohydrates and are packed with salt and sugar. This is not the best way to start the day, as after an hour or two you start to feel hungry again and tend to go for caffeine or more sugar to keep yourself going for lunch.
    Check you labels. Go for cereals that contain mostly, if not all, wholegrain. Oats are a perfect example. these whole grains will keep you full for longer as they contain high levels of fiber. Next check the added sugar on the label. Sometimes sugar will be added, sometimes high amount of dried fruits will be added.
    the ideal would be a whole grain cereal with no added sugar.
    Happy cooking

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