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Healthy Eating tips to keep you warm

November 29, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Monday 29th November

Its freezing outside so remember there are a range of herbs and spices to keep you warm.

I find the list below the best to use when it gets really cold and are also fabulous in terms of helping to keep your healthy eating options even tastier!

Ginger - (dried ginger is a little more warming but I think fresh ginger is tastier. I added some dried ginger to my homemade muffins last night or grate a little fresh ginger into some hot water and drink as a tea!

Fenugreek - great to add to any of your curry type dishes for added warmth. Even adding some cumin, coriander and fenugreek seeds to your tomato sauce will spice it up and make it suitable for fish and meat dishes.

Cinnamon - adding a half a teaspoon of cinnamon to your porridge in the morning is a must. Or simply add it some hot water as a tea.

Star Anise - use like the fenugreek and add a little to your sauces and soups for an added flavour and spice

Fennel - use the seeds as a base to any of your veggie soups as a lovely aniseed flavour

Spearmint - chop it up and sprinkle on top of salads (if you are brave enough to eat salads on a day like today. Otherwise blend through your pea soup to add a lovely minty flavour. Or simply add to a little hot water and drink as a tea!

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