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How to have a healthy lifestyle

June 3, 2023
Posted by Lucy

Having a healthy lifestyle is often about trial and error, and finding out what works for you - and you alone. Let me tell you this little story.

As part of my healthy lifestyle programmes, I often create individualised recipes and meal plans for people.How to have a healthy lifestyle

As people create their own pathways to health and wellbeing, they often see gaps in their current way of eating or want to substitute existing snacks or meals with alternative options more in line with their health goals.

I recently created a sweet option for a client who always seemed to want that 'little something' with their cup of coffee. While I gently challenged and asked her to question why this association existed, I created a bite sized bar packed full of wholefoods, sweetened with some dried fruit, so she could get her hit.

Of course when I tested the recipe myself, I ignored my own method. I altered the technique and changed some ingredients. The result was disastrous - see below 🙂 Despite the taste and look being fine, the consistency and feel of the bar was awful.

I laughed. I laughed a lot. We rarely allow ourselves time to 'play' in our own kitchens. We stick to recipes we know and dishes we know we like. Yet, sticking to what we know can result in a predictable pattern of eating and inspiration and creativity become harder to find.

So if you are making a tried and tested recipe this month - shake it up. Substitute one ingredient for another or alter the method to do something differently.

You might end up with a mess, but you may also learn something new or realise you like something you have never tried before.

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