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Listening to your Body

February 9, 2024
Posted by Lucy

listening to your body

Stop, breath and listen to your body

I had a rather interesting conversation with a women the other day. She started telling me about a problem she is having with her ears. I often find that people are happy to randomly ask me questions about this or that, and so this situation was no different.

Yet, over the years, I have become less inclined to answer these questions. Not because I don't want to help, but because there are so many questions that I need to ask in order to give any sort of an answer that is relevant for that person. As I asked this women more questions, I was surprised by what I heard.

This women was getting more and more frustrated at her ear condition. She had been to doctors and specialists, who had told her there was little she could do. Yet, on top of that, she had asked a wide range of people and gone to a number of therapists. The women was utterly confused! She did not know where to turn next, had lists and lists of advice and solutions and was pretty much doing everything in order to solve her ear problems.

What I found interesting about her story was just how confused and desperate the women had become. For many of us, we have been where this women is at some stage in our lives. We want something, or we are trying to solve an ongoing problem, and we will ask everyone their opinion and try every avenue to sort things out. And perhaps this is part of the healing process, perhaps you have to exhaust all options before finding one that works for you.

The only real advice I could give the women in this state was to stop. To sit, to breath and to listen. Desperation may give us the energy to affect change, but it does not always put us in a position where we can hear what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Is there something niggling at you? Is there an ongoing condition that wont go away? Before you ask the next friend or family member for advice, or before you hear another story about how your aunt's cat solved its problem by taking this or that, take stock.

Ask yourself some key questions, investigate and probe in as loving a way as possible. But the bit we miss, the bit we are in too much of a hurry to do, is actually listen. Listen to your own wisdom, listen to your own body, and rest for a while.


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