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New Year New You… Really?

December 16, 2023
Posted by Lucy

New Year New you

Does the New Year New You thing really work?

It's something we hear a lot about at this time of year. The idea of a New Year brings with it all sorts of new potentials. Shiny, new, better, more... all telling you that by the end of this year you could be the person you have always dreamed of!

I've been there myself. And I've done it myself. There is something so hypnotic about getting rid of the old me; the one that tries and tries but can't succeed, the one that talks nastily to myself, the one that just doesn't seem to be able to get it right.

And there is something quite alluring about a 'me' that can make all these changes, manage life better and be an all round better person.. sign me up now!!

I'm not saying that the New Year isn't the perfect time to reflect. The end of a 12 month cycle seems the perfect way of touching base with myself and sensing where I am at.

However, this year I'm taking a slightly different approach to previous years. Rather that coming up with a long list of things I want to change or things I feel I need to improve on, I'm taking a look at what I have.

I'm learning how to recognise all of those different parts of myself, the bits I love and enjoy and the bits that I'd rather get rid of.

I would to love to explore how the "whole" of me can move forward into 2015. How can I soften the battle and learn to accept? How can I drop into my life rather than constantly trying to change and pull it apart.

I'm here, at the start of 2015 with all that I need and all that I have, and I've come to the realisation that that is enough. In fact, its better than enough. Its perfect.

So rather than go head first into this New Year, perhaps it is time to reflect on what you have, rather than what you think you need.

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