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Correct portion of Fruit and Vegetables

November 3, 2023
Posted by Lucy

One question I get asked by clients is about the correct portion of fruit and vegetables.

Portion of Fruit and Vegetables:

I use the USDA's Dietary Guidelines, which recommend adults eat anywhere from 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. I find the advice from the United States is generally ahead of the game and it takes some time for the UK and Ireland to catch up!

I usually have a rough idea what a cup and 1/2 cup are as I bake a lot. If you have no idea what a half cup or a cup looks like, you can buy measurement cups in cookery shops and supermarkets and you can start measuring out your portions.


The USDA has set a serving size for vegetables to be equal to about one-half cup, except for greens like spinach and lettuce, which have a serving size equal to one full cup.


One serving of sliced fruit or berries is equal to one-half cup; however a single piece of fruit, such as an apple or an orange counts as one serving.

This is a visual aid produced by the NHS which states similar advice.


Portion of Fruit and Vegetables

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