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Saturday Morning Pancakes

March 19, 2024
Posted by Lucy

Friday March 19th, 2010

Its the weekend and there is nothing nicer than a yummy breakfast when you get up on Saturday morning. Here is slightly different idea for pancakes using oat flour and wheat germ to ensure a healthy eating plan !

Wheat germ contains a large amount of Vitamin E - this is a great anti-oxidant and protects our cells from damage - both inside and out!!!!!! Research has suggested that through their powerful antioxidant activity, the tocopherols may be able to protect DNA from the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Once you open the packet of wheat germ please keep it in the fridge. It is also not suitable for those with ceoliacs disease.

Healthy Eating recipe: Saturday Morning Pancakes

Health Eating Saturday Pancakesa little peanut oil or other oil
1 and a half oz of oat flour
1 tablespoon wheat germ
1 small egg
3 fl oz of soya milk (or other milk)
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon or a little less
a dash of vanilla extract (if you have it)
dash of water

Make the flour by placing the oats into a food processor and grinding till flour like. Place in a mixing bowl.
Make a hollow in the centre and add in the egg and the soya milk (I handwhisked the egg and soya milk with a fork in the measuring jug before I added but you don’t have to).
Add the cinnamon and vanilla at this stage.
Give it all a good stir and add a dash of water.
Heat your frying pan till hot.
Put a little of the peanut oil into the pan and swirl around. I use some kitchen paper to ensure its covered evenly.
Pour in 2 tablespoons of the mixture (or something similar) and swirl the mixture in the pan till you get a even spread. I used the back of the tablespoon to try to round the mixture.
Leave for a minute or so, when bubbles start popping through all over the mixture its generally done. Flip over and cook on the other side for another minute or so.
Place in a warmed oven while you cook the others.
If you feel you need it, add another little bit of oil for each pancake. Serve this with some stewed apples or pear (stew in a little water, cinnamon and nutmeg) and a dollop of natural yogurt on top.

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